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Entrepreneurs with Companies with a Monthly Revenue of at Least $30,000

Business Owners will Understand in Our Webinar:

Digital Landscape

Statistics and trends in digital marketing for service-based businesses;

Marketing Stategies

Real-life examples of service-based businesses that transformed their growth through digital marketing;

Search Engine Optimization

Power of blog content creation as a driver of organic traffic growth and authority in your industry;

Social Media Management

Social Media are not just channels for social interaction but powerful tools for business growth;

Paid Traffic Campaings

Launch and track paid traffic campaign success and understand the impact of your marketing investment.

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Filipe Bessa

CEO and Head of Performance - Blippu Growth

Head of Performance at Blippu Growth, I have a postgraduate degree in Business Management, worked as Media On Manager at Agencia Califórnia, which has a portfolio of clients such as Ambev, Krafton, Youtube and FitDance, as Community Manager at FB Ideias, Marketing and Management Consultant at Intention Ventures, Digital Marketing Analyst at Convertte, I am a former president of Café com Startup and a facilitator of Creativity and Design Thinking courses.

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